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Pitchfork Farms is a natural farm located on Mukaishima in Onomichi, Hiroshima. Our farm sits above the calm Seto-Inland sea, where we are working to create a thriving hillside market garden and orchard growing seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs. As regenerative farmers, we are challenged with maintaining natural cycles that allow plants to thrive. We are working to reduce the amount of off-farm resources used in cultivation. In order to do this we are ever evolving our farm to produce more of our own energy, seeds, and fertilizers at the farm.

Our farmstead has developed to become a center for sustainable living. We produce off-grid energy, harvest rain water and utilize on-site well water. Maintaining Biodiversity is a key feature of our farm where we look to improve the quality of natural systems on and around our farm.  Our farm includes animals adding to the cyclical nature necessary to improve and maintain our soil.

We are dedicated to connecting farms and the community, challenging conventional approaches to agriculture, and celebrating the land, the people, and the moment. 










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