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Farm Tour

Onsite farm visit

Come visit our farm over looking the Seto Inland Sea.  Whether you are interested in growing your own food,  want to see the ongoings of an organic farm in Japan, or just want to see our farm animals. We can customize and accommodate the right tour for you. Farm visits typically run for one hour and are ¥3000 yen per person, including ¥1000 yen in produce.  Additional produce can be purchased on site. 


Since starting Pitchfork farms in 2016 on farm education has been and will continue to be a fundamental part of our farms core mission. We have offered onsite animal processing workshops, fermentation workshops including cheese and beer brewing. We also hope to teach animal care and husbandry, seed saving, natural garden care and maintenance, off-grid lifestyle and living, and outdoor education. If any of these workshops interest you let us know how we can set up a meeting and schedule a course. Occasionally these limited seasonal workshops appear on our social media page so please check our page as well.

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