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The Farmer

Thomas Kloepfer

Thomas is passionate about small scale natural farming in Japan.  He believes that the current agricultural landscape of Japan has been on a unsustainable path for sometime. 

Since 2008, Thomas has studied Sustainable Agriculture and "broke" land on his first plot in Japan in 2011. He continues to farm and live on the same property he began during his time as an Assistant English Teacher. His farm knowledge and experience has grown over the years, as has his farm, which now has taken on multiple plots around his first farming endeavor.


Thomas hopes that people can begin living more self reliant lifestyles and sees his work as an example of the many possibilities for growing food in Japan and around the world.  


Small Scale Farming is the future.

We will continue to grow and show what is possible with natural and organic farming techniques in Japan, for a truly sustainable future worth living in.

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