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Spring has come on Mukaishima, Summer will soon be here...

We have finished golden week here in Japan. The consecutive holidays for schools, major businesses, and government positions are over and everyone is back to the grind. Meanwhile Pitchfork Farms never really had a break. The work schedule did not feel forced, rather out of necessity to see the changing of the fields, the growth of the plants, and maintaining the hope of an abundant harvest spurred our boots forward out into the field. Each day in the golden week our efforts to sow seeds, pull weeds, water the starts, till and manure the beds was rewarded with food, friendship, and tasty libations. We Woke each day to appreciate what we had and felt the need to keep observing and the working with the land..This year is looking to be one of the biggest growing seasons we have had thus far.

We have added some new tools, improved techniques, and improved our soil annually in order to meet this years potential. We hope we can continue to satisfy our customers needs and can share our news, tools, and techniques from Pitchfork Farms. For future produce purchases contact our facebook page or send and email to

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